SEO insights service

To assist the editorial team in optimizing the content on I set up a service that provides helpful information on relevant search queries, competitor titles and article ideas which is directly integrated into the CMS via an Iframe.
Technologies: Python, Scikit-Learn, Spacy, Search Console API, Custom Search API

Relaunch of Chinder Musig Wält

Chinder Musig Wält is a playfully illustrated collection of more than 500 Swiss songs, rhymes, and animated videos for kids. Built with React, Chinder Musig Wält offers users an app-like user experience.
Technologies: React, Figma, Sass

Conceptualization, design, and implementation of the Swissmom courses marketplace

The Swissmom courses marketplace allows users to find suitable courses based on categories, filters, and proximity. Course owners can create courses in the admin area. The platform is built with React and uses Firestore, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Functions in the backend.
Technologies: Figma, React, Sass, Firebase Auth, Firestore, Cloud Functions

Creation of a data pipeline for article recommendations

To help users discover other relevant content (and thus increase session duration) I set up a machine-learning model that predicts the CTR of potential article recommendations based on article data as well as user-interaction data. The service is written in Python and runs on Kubernetes.
Technologies: Python, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Google AutoML, GA API, Cloud Build

Conceptualization, design, and implementation of the Swissmom name-finder app

Based on previous learnings I completely redesigned the Swissmom name finder app. The page consists of 16151 name pages and 13823 category pages and offers parents a perfect entry point for finding a name for their child. During the project, I built sketches in Figma, collected data from various sources with Python, and finally implemented a front-end with React.
Technologies: Figma, React, Sass, Firebase, Python

Rebranding of Omgroup

Instead of selling independent services, I pushed OMGroup towards offering clients a more wholesome approach. In course of this transition, I built up the consulting division, helping clients with their marketing strategy, and the design of customer journies, as well as planning individual campaigns.

Digitial Marketing Funnel for Coople

At Coople I was hired as Marketing Manager with the job of improving communication along the customer journey, particularly guiding users towards active usage. For this purpose, I set up several FB campaigns, implemented a new tracking scheme with GTM/GA, and coordinated the Google Ads campaigns with an external agency.

Co-founding of Taskbase

Directly after my studies, I co-founded the EdTech venture I was in charge of strategy, design, and business development. Taskbase was used by more than 4’500 students at ETH and HSG every day and received top feedback from both students and assistants.