Three main reasons to work with an external marketing agency
Published on 4/6/2019

Three reasons to work with an external marketing agency

Do you want to move your company forward, but are not yet sure whether you should do it yourself, hire someone or work with an agency? Below you will find the most important points in favor of an agency.

More for less money

Often companies need a mix of different skills. The alternative to an agency would, therefore, be an all-rounder. Agency, on the other side, exclusively employs specialists to do these jobs. Up-to-date knowledge about the respective areas, easy handling of efficiency-enhancing tools, software licenses that can be shared via different accounts — something startups simply cannot keep up with. Agencies can achieve more with less effort. In the end, this makes them cheaper — despite higher hourly rates.

Resource management

Agencies are also very flexible in terms of time. Rarely, do companies need exactly a certain number of employees. Sometimes three employees and sometimes none at all would be much better. This is exactly what an agency can do: costs are only incurred if corresponding projects are pending and staff recruitment and administration are not necessary at all.

Focusing on core competence

Even if you had the competence to do everything on your own — you lose yourself. Entrepreneurs who concentrate fully on their core competence are more successful. Developing a coherent business strategy and coordinating initiatives takes enough time. The rest can be given away.