Opportunity-solution trees
Published on 2023-05-16

Opportunity-solution trees

As product managers, we constantly face the challenge of delivering meaningful solutions that meet the needs of our customers. The opportunity-solution tree is a simple yet powerful tool that can guide our decision-making process, helping us identify the right opportunities, link them with suitable solutions, and validate our ideas. By focusing on outcomes and staying customer-centric, this approach empowers us to drive impactful product development.

1. Desired outcomes and opportunities

At its core, the opportunity-solution tree is centered around outcomes. It encourages us to define the desired outcomes we want to achieve for our customers and the business. This customer-centric approach helps us uncover opportunities that align with their needs and pain points. By mapping these opportunities, we can then explore potential solutions that address those specific challenges.

2. Solutions linked to opportunities

Once we have identified the opportunities, the next step is to link them with viable solutions. The opportunity-solution tree prompts us to brainstorm multiple ideas and evaluate their feasibility and impact. By considering various solutions, we increase the chances of finding the most effective and innovative approach to tackle the identified opportunities.

3. Testing for validity

As product managers, we know that not every idea translates into a successful solution. The opportunity-solution tree encourages us to test our solutions for their validity before investing significant resources. This can involve conducting user research, running experiments, or building prototypes to gather feedback and validate the feasibility of our proposed solutions. By embracing this iterative approach, we mitigate the risks associated with launching unproven concepts.


In today's dynamic market landscape, where customer expectations and competitive forces are ever-evolving, the opportunity-solution tree becomes even more relevant. It empowers us to adapt, iterate, and pivot our strategies as new learnings emerge. By continuously refining our understanding of opportunities and solutions, we stay ahead of the curve and deliver products that truly make a difference.