How to efficiently work with a marketing agency
Published on 4/6/2019

How to efficiently work with a marketing agency

Are you thinking about how to increase the efficiency of working with your marketing agency? These are the most important points to consider.

A clear strategy forms the basis

Actually, the division between agencies and companies would be relatively clear: The company takes care of the strategy and coordination, while the marketing agency provides advice and implementation. Unfortunately, we notice again and again how little understanding individual companies have of their own market and how marketing is attempted in the absence of a strategy.

For the following questions you should have an answer ready or work on it as soon as possible:

  • What are the most important customer segments and what are their needs?
  • How does your company stand out from the competition in these segments?
  • What is the value of a customer? And, how much are you willing to spend on acquiring a new customer?

These are all essential questions that will help you and your agency to conduct smart marketing.

Communicate your strategy and be open to feedback

The better you can answer the above questions and communicate with your agency, the more successful the cooperation will be in most cases. On the other hand, it is also important to incorporate findings from campaigns into the strategy.

Prefer a long-term cooperation

Long-term cooperation helps the marketing agency to focus better on the market. The longer you know each other, the better the communication will be. However, this requires you to take the time to choose a suitable agency for your business.

Follow clear project management guidelines

As a final important point, you should make sure to follow good project management practices. This helps to clear up misunderstandings early on and generally contributes to satisfaction.