How to choose the right marketing agency
Published on 4/6/2019

How to choose the right marketing agency

Are you looking for a suitable marketing agency for your startup? Then you probably already know the advantages of working with an agency. Below you will find essential points to consider when looking for a suitable agency for your startup.

What tasks would you like to outsource to the agency?

We recommend startups to take care of business strategy and coordination and to outsource implementation to the agency.

Does the agency offer everything you need?

As we have already written in our article on optimal cooperation with a marketing agency, communication between the agency and the company should function perfectly. Can the agency offer everything itself? A combination of agencies carries the risk that marketing measures do not interlock and appear inconsistent. Nevertheless, cooperation with several agencies can also make sense. The additional coordination effort should be included in any case, however.

Do you fit the target group?

Another important and unfortunately often neglected point: Do you fit the target group of the agency? You’d rather be an A customer at a smaller agency than a C-customer at the most prestigious one. How well you fit the target group, you will find out relatively easily, if you take a closer look at the website.


Of course, fees are also an important factor. However, compare the same with the same. Quality differs enormously. In general, strategic fit (as described above) is the better basis for decision-making.