Assessing a PM job
Published on 7/3/2021

Assessing a PM job


  • Is it a new role?
  • Why did the previous person leave?
  • Why was this role created?

Typical activities

  • What would a typical week look like?
  • What meetings would I be going to?
  • What would I be delivering?
  • To whom would I be delivering to?
  • Who would I be interacting with the most?
  • How would I be interacting with them?

Relationship with the manager

  • Can you share some behaviours that a successful person on your team exhibits?
  • What behaviours haven't worked out so well?
  • What's your background?
  • When did you start managing the team?
  • How has the team changed since then?
  • Where do you see the team going?


  • What are things that you are measured by?
  • How do I fall in line?
  • How do I make the team and you succeed?
  • What are the metrics that I'm measured by?

Growth and leveling

  • Where will this role be going?
  • If a person succeeds in this role, what would they be doing in 1-2 years from now?