• I live in Bülach and am a father of a 3-year old girl.

  • I studied mathematics and co-founded the EdTech venture taskbase.com directly after my studies.

  • When I was younger I used to be a semi-professional esports player representing Switzerland at the Europe Cyber Games. During my studies, I played bass in a band and won the BandXost contest, including a professional CD production.

  • I like lifting weights in my basement.

  • Being married to a Mauritian I usually spend my vacations in Mauritius.

  • I currently am the Product Manager of Swissmom. I enjoy the diverse team and the freedom I'm given here.

  • I am excited about trying out new things: from prototyping to setting up data pipelines.


  • Frontend: Figma, HTML/CSS/JS, React, Sass
  • Backend: Python, NodeJS, Firebase/Firestore, Cloud Functions
  • Data Analytics: GTM, GA API, Python (Pandas, SciKit-Learn, TF), GCS, Bigquery, Google AutoML
  • CI/CD: Git, Google Cloud Build, Kubernetes (basics)