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Relaunch of Chinder Musig Wält

  • chindermusigwaelt.swissmom.ch
Chinder Musig Wält is a playfully illustrated collection of more than 500 Swiss songs, rhymes, and animated videos for kids. Built with React, Chinder Musig Wält offers users an app-like user experience.
Technologies: React, Sass, Firebase, Cloud Build

Conceptualization, design, and implementation of the Swissmom courses marketplace

  • kurse.swissmom.ch
The Swissmom courses marketplace allows users to find suitable courses based on categories, filters and proximity. Course owners can create courses in the admin area. The platform is built with React and uses Firestore, Cloud Storage and Cloud Functions in the backend.
Technologies: React, Sass, Firebase Auth, Firestore, Cloud Functions

Creation of a data-pipeline for article recommendations

  • www.swissmom.ch
Technologies: Python, Pandas, GA API, GraphQL, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, SciKit Learn, Google AutoML, Google CI/CD